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En Argotec nos centramos en el desarrollo de productos basados en sistemas embebidos, orientados principalmente a aplicaciones de monitorización y telecontrol.
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Molds and Packaging

If the product does not have to look good,
is not to be sold.

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The packaging can be one of the most critical parts of the product. It is its ``visible face`` besides providing much of its physical and mechanical charcteristics: level of waterproofness, resistance to weather conditions, robustness, resistance to vibration, electromagnetic immunity…

There are two ways to package a product:
A) Prefabricated commercial packing is used and to fit the electronics.
B) Custom encapsulation is designed and manufactured.

Depending on the requirements of the project and the volumes of production that are handled, there are various technologies for the manufacture of the packaging.

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The most used one, which assures the best results, but also the most expensive, is the plastic injection.

The Argotec team has had experience in projects and have handled various alternatives:

Electronics manufacturing to an existing packaging
Manufacture of the packaging through 3D printing
Manufacture of molds and packaging through plastic injection