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En Argotec nos centramos en el desarrollo de productos basados en sistemas embebidos, orientados principalmente a aplicaciones de monitorización y telecontrol.
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The industrial design is the first step in defining the concept of the product to be developed. In this process the appearance of the product is designed, taking into account the ergonomics without losing sight of the manufacturing costs. The main objectives of the process of industrial design are: Maximize the marketability of the product and optimize production costs.

The appearance and the shape of the product must not only comply with the aesthetic expectations, it is very important that the product is functional, easy to maintain and robust. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the form and the operation of the product. This will ensure that the design, the materials and the manufacturing process ensures the achievement of the most optimized cost structure cost structure and performance.

Do you know what functionality you want for your product? We can help you to obtain electronic specifications that makes this functionality feasible. In addition, thanks to the use of Netbows technology, we can offer functional prototypes in record time so that you can validate the characteristics of the product and decide whether to go ahead with a minimum investment of time and money.

At Argotec we develop multifunctional firmware projects, our team will advise you without any commitment and will develop the solution that best suits your needs. We are specialists in communications systems and ultra low-cost consumer-oriented product solutions for the Internet of Things.

The creation of prototypes is an essential part of the product development process. It is very complex to assess certain aspects of an electronic product without it being physically present. The prototypes are manufactured by hand and serve as testing tools for engineers. Each prototype is intended to validate a series of characteristics of the final product, so that the client is involved in the process of validation.

If the product does not have to look good, is not to be sold. The packaging can be one of the most critical parts of the product. It is its “visible face” besides providing much of its physical and mechanical charcteristics: level of waterproofness, resistance to weather conditions, robustness, resistance to vibration, electromagnetic immunity…

We develop customized SCADA solutions to control and monitor applications oriented to the Internet of Things. We collaborate actively with software development companies with which we integrate our systems to provide complete solutions. Any commercial software or system to measure is potentially compatible with the Argotec hardware thanks to the communication interfaces we have defined.

In Argotec we have a full line of production, with a capacity to manufacture batches economically from very few units. Having an integrated production allows us to protect your intellectual property as it does not need external assemblers who manufacture the product.

The development of a product is a complex process that requires the execution of various phases.
From the conception of the idea to the mass production of the product
In Argotec we can manage and undertake all phases.
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Our main goal is that your product is delivered with the quality, functionality and cost required to be a commercial success.
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