Sectores de trabajo

En Argotec nos centramos en el desarrollo de productos basados en sistemas embebidos, orientados principalmente a aplicaciones de monitorización y telecontrol.
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Our experience

At Argotec we focus on the development of IoT products , mainly oriented to high efficiency monitoring and remote control applications.

Electronic product design
Firmware Development
Connection with any SCADA
Mass production

We cover the entire process of product development, you choose how far you want to go.
Our main value is our team nuestro equipo humano, able to help you transform your idea into a marketable product.

Internet of Things

Give senses to inanimate objects, so that they can speak, hear, see and think, in such a way that they can communicate with us from anywhere.

  • Creates devices joining parts with NETBOWS

  • Multitude of sensors and actuators

  • Ultra low power consumption and energy harvesting

  • Wireless Communications

    • Wifi
    • Lora
    • NB-IoT
    • GSM
    • Zigbee
    • BLE
    • RF: 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz

Precision Agriculture

We design and manufacture precision farming tools, which yield great increases in the quality and productivity of crops.

  • Tools for precision agriculture

  • Monitoring of soil, water, plant and climate

  • Smart farming

  • Monitoring silos

  • Remote-controlled irrigation

Smart Home

We have experience in development of proyectos llave en mano, turnkey projects, designing, manufacturing and installing home automation solutions.

  • Monitoring of environmental parameters

  • Saving energy costs in the home

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Intelligent temperature control

  • Access from anywhere at any time

Energy Efficiency

More than 10 years of experience in projects ranging from energy efficiency at industrial level, hasta la up to energy efficiency in homes.

  • Monitoring of the production of solar panels

  • Devices for the realization of energy audit

  • Energy Harvesting

  • Battery-less devices

  • Smart Grid

Smart Cities

By applying the technology to the management of car parks, public lighting, monitoring of environmental parameters, quality of wáter management…

  • Monitoring of infrastructures

  • Smart Grid

  • Waste Management

  • Intelligent public lighting

  • Monitoring of historic buildings

  • Smart parking


Experience in the design and manufacture of electronic devices for indoor and outdoor location based on various positioning technologies..

  • Systems RTLS (Real Time Location System)

  • Indoor location using wireless technologies

  • Localization algorithm

  • Location-based applications

  • Location of assets and people

  • Anti-kidnapping

  • Livestock location

Industry 4.0

Electronic Solutions with industrial qualities designed to monitor processes and improve the predictive maintenance of industries.

  • Monitoring of industrial environments

  • Improvement of the predictive maintenance

  • Asset Tracking

  • Processes automation

High Performance Electronics

We have designed and manufactured with high-performance electronic success to perform actions that require high levels of precision and accuracy.

  • Data acquisition systems of high frequency

  • High calculation capacity

  • Versatility in the power supply

  • Industrial Communications: CAN, RS485, Mbus, EtherCAT

  • Wireless communications for high interference environments

Advanced Monitoring

Measuring equipment for ultra-low power consumption, high reliability, designed not to have maintenance and to be installed only in places which are difficult to access.

  • Monitoring of parameters for Smart Cities

    • Noise
    • Gases: CO2, O2, N2
    • Solar Radiation
    • Environment: temperature, humidity, wind, persion, etc.
    • Pollution
  • Robust Dataloggers

  • High protection rating IP